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rubber roofing and about 2 in. onto the board below. Drip edge protects the corner. Nail a 3-in. aluminum drip edge over the corner of the roof. Guide a knife along it to trim the excess rubber. Seal the drip edge. Use uncured EPDM tape to cover the nails and seal the drip edge to the roof. Uncured EPDM must be protected from UV rays which the decking1MB【Get Price】

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2018-5-17 Our decking that was replaced last year was (to the best of my knowledge) 106 years old which is the age of the house. If you remove the decking what will support the artificial grass? Could you have a roofing over the decking?【Get Price】

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It hard to say without seeing the structure but it sounds like the decking was under engineered for the weight of asphalt shingles to begin with. You could put the OSB overtop but by the time you clean that surface up (pull nails etc) and adhere the new surfaces together you might as well strip it.【Get Price】

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Nov 01 2019 Summer may be over but it’s the perfect time to start building a roof over your deck for next year’s sunny season. If you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors right from your backyard while still getting some relief from the sun or rain a roof over your deck … 【Get Price】

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Jan 21 2003 As long as the new plywood itself can span the distance and carry the roof wind seismic and snow loads for your region adding new ply over old is just fine. The new plywood …【Get Price】

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2012-8-12 BSI-063: Over-roofing—Don't Do Stupid Things. Seventeen years ago we bought an old house—a fixer upper—over a hundred years old—in Westford MA. I was going to make sure it would end up energy efficient. Did the rubble foundation thing well—very well—so well that I wouldn’t change a thing if I did it again today.【Get Price】

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Apr 17 2004 Apply new roof sheathing (OSB) directly over old sheathing (sagging ½ inch plywood) or rip the old sheathing off and apply new sheathing to the trusses? This is 1970s construction trusses on 2 foot centers medium slope and we plan to use GAF …Best Way to Do Roof w/Insulation over SheathingJul 11 2018painting a metal roofNov 07 2010Roof Sheathing- 2nd layer of plywood?Oct 05 2008Lifting Sheathing onto RoofOct 13 2004 【Get Price】

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2021-5-13 Each segment that is cut ought to stretch out over a beam. Step 5: In Step Five Cut the replacement Roof decking to fit. Step 6: In Step Six Position the replacement of decking. Step 7: In Step Seven Secure the decking. Step 8: In Step Eight take optional additional measure. Step 9: In Step Nine Now Replace other roof materials.【Get Price】

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Jan 14 2021 In retrospect proper slope wider spacing between boards to allow drying or a synthetic decking would have avoided this issue. Roof installation keys. For the roofing that goes under a rooftop deck we’ve developed a set of installation procedures (see “Low-Slope Roofing Details That Work” Nov/19). First we use a heat-seamed membrane—almost always TPO (thermoplastic … 【Get Price】

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2020-10-19 Vinyl Deck Covering Over Wood – Econodek. Econodek waterproof vinyl decking is an excellent choice when you are looking to update upgrade or cover your wood deck. Econodek vinyl deck covering over wood completely waterproofs your outdoor surface creating a cozy comfortable space that is barefoot friendly and great for kids and pets.【Get Price】

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2013-5-7 2. PLANK DECKING – In older homes plank decking may have been used for the roof decking (substrate). Typically plank decking material is either 1”x6” or 1”x8” lumber. Again if this type of decking is discovered during the tear off of the roof shingles a thorough inspection must be made to make sure that it is in good overall condition and that the gaps between the individual ...【Get Price】

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Kemperol V210 Flat Roof in Pinner With Insulation Decking and Roof Tiles. This old flat roof above a shop in Pinner was leaking for some time. As it’s a walkway to the flat above the new roof had to have tiles over …【Get Price】

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Sep 10 2014 No matter the reason the keys to a long-lasting deck above a living space are the same: a reliable roof membrane and details that minimize any damage to the roof from the deck loads. I like rubber roofing for this combined with a floating deck floor. The rubber roofing I’ve been using for 15 years—a glue-down 60-mil EPDM membrane from International Diamond Systems— offers several …Is Accessible For Free: False【Get Price】

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Feb 06 2017 If you’re wondering why the roofers can’t just install new shingles and roofing accessories over your existing roof deck this article will guide you through one of the most common reasons: your roof deck may be shiplap. If you’re replacing your cedar shakes roof check out our discussion of re-sheeting over skip-sheathing.【Get Price】

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2018-7-24 Over time a humid attic can trigger warping of the roof decking particularly if the decking is relatively thin. Another common cause of roof deck damage is the installation of solar panels on the roof.【Get Price】

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This is achieved again by installing a supporting product such as a roof tile in between rubber products and the asphalt. Layered Asphalt or Concrete Roof. If a concrete roof is finished with a PVC-based water-proofing then rubber support products will be required to be isolated from the PVC asphalt roofing felt with a roof …【Get Price】

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Aug 26 2001 Can new plywood be installed on a 40-year-old roof without removing the old? Roy Gingrich of Ellicott City has a 40-year-old house with an asphalt shingle roof …【Get Price】

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Oct 24 2019 If you’d like to build a deck over your roof make sure the roof has a covering that allows water to run off. You’ll most likely be able to build the deck on that. Even if your roof has a slight pitch you can level it off through the construction of the deck’s understructure. Support【Get Price】

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decking over a roof – chief architectof the job is easy. decking. over a. roof. epdm membrane. tapered sleeper. 1⁄2-in. deck above a living space are the same: a reliable roof flat on the roof. flat roof decks and patios | cool flat roofwhat causes flat roof decks to leak. ponding water leaks. very often you can find ponding water ...【Get Price】

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2021-1-27 Exposed metal roof decking comes in two common types: HSB-36 and Deep Vercor. If your project contains any of these types of applications the first and most important thing to do is to recognize that the material will be exposed to view. Proper care must be taken not to damage the roof decking …【Get Price】