how to install a deck mount tub faucet

Installing a deck-mount tub faucet when there's no deck

1) Use the riser tubes and build a wooden box at the top to hide where the tubes would meet faucet. Then can use a standard deck-mount faucet. 2) Build a wooden box that comes up from the floor and mount a standard faucet on the top. This hides all the plumbing but I'm concerned about what happens if I need to get _to_ the plumbing.【Get Price】

General Tub Deck Mounted Telephone Faucet Installation ...

2. Tighten the faucet nipple to the 1/2 thread on the deck mount coupler. You want to hand tighten a 1/4 turn using the strap wrench. 3. Repeat on the opposite side. 4. Place deck mount coupler with nipple through the faucet hole. 5. Apply the jam washer and the jam nut to the back of the faucet …【Get Price】

How to Install the American Standard Freestanding Tub Faucet

Learn how to install a freestanding tub faucet from American Standard in this step by step guide. This functional tub faucet works perfectly with any variety...【Get Price】

How To Install A Roman Tub Faucet - RESISORIES

Install your new tub spout on the deck. Take your Allen wrench and tighten the retaining screw of your new faucet. 5. Install Mounting Hardware. Collect your mounting hardware. This may include washers or mounting decks. If any of your mounting hardware has no gasket then take your plumbers putty and apply it around those fittings. 6. 【Get Price】