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The TerrainWeight RestrictionsCostMaintenance and UpkeepDesign VersatilityLongevityPersonal PreferenceTake a look at your landscape. Is it hilly and sloped or flat as a pancake? A patio made of poured-in-place concrete or concrete pavers is well-suited for terrain that is relatively flat because it rests directly on the subgrade. It’s also the best choice for use as a pool decknext to an in-ground pool because it can sit flush with surface. Find concrete patio contractors near me. A deck is a raised structure that can sit a few inches above grade or elevated several feet when supported by joists or concrete pillars. Becau…【Get Price】

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Decks can provide a great view while patios tend to offer more privacy. The views from your deck …【Get Price】

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Casey says certain factors can help determine if a deck is more suitable than a patio: Capacity: How much weight will the deck need to hold? A deck can be beefed up to hold a huge spa but might sacrifice the aesthetic the homeowner wants. 【Get Price】

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Resources like Remodeling Magazine and HouseLogic show the ROI for a deck to be roughly 75% more than for a patio. As an example a deck that costs $9000 to build maybe worth an additional $7500 when you sell vs. a patio that may cost $3500 to build and is only worth $1500 when you sell. 【Get Price】

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Feb 13 2013 Patios also work well for homeowners who have in ground pools and want a space around the area in which to gather cook out or relax. Homeowners interested in spotlighting a view might opt for a deck since they can be built off of the ground and offer a wider visual range.Patio Or Deck: What's The Difference?Oftentimes homeowners use these terms interchangeably but there are differences between the two. A patio refers to an outdoor space placed directl...Patio vs. Deck: A Cost ComparisonAs with all renovation projects your budget will likely impact your choice and the range for a deck or patio addition project can be large. For i...Return on Investment (ROI)?Aside from the initial cost to construct a patio you should consider your return on investment (ROI) if in the future you plan to sell. Renovati...Which Is Best For Your Needs?Aside from cost you’ll want to determine which outdoor addition works best for the purpose for which you hope to use it. Do you want to incorporat...【Get Price】