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2019-4-15 2019-4-15 Build this Outdoor Bar Cart. Mobile Outdoor Bar on a Budget – a DIY Building Guide. A patio bar on wheels is a handy idea. But if this bar has a folding counter it makes it even better! The creative folks at the Vintage Chic site have a …【Get Price】

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2021-10-17 Figure out your new length and cut a piece of PVC pipe to this length. Now you will cut this piece into two sections. If you have more than 2 sections you will cut your pipe into how ever many sections you have. 3 sections into 3 pieces 4 into 4 pieces etc. You will need a ratcheting PVC cutter or a saw to cut your PVC.【Get Price】

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Hold the pipe to the wall in the angle you desire and mark the location of the 1/4-inch holes on the wall with a pencil. Drill out the holes with the 1/4-inch drill bit. Feed the anchor screws through the holes in the PVC pipe and into the holes in the wall. Tighten down the screws with a screwdriver.【Get Price】

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2020-12-10 The outdoor environment provides all the necessary resources to grow huge cannabis plants. Weed only needs oxygen water and light (as a minimum) to thrive and produce delicious flowers. However the unpredictability of the outside brings a set of challenges that can mean the difference between a successful or failed harvest.【Get Price】

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Outdoor fun is at its peak in the summers and here is how you can enjoy it more this time. Yes you can build this pergola space for your patio or deck and enjoy a shady and cool seating even under the sun. This pergola is super easy and fun to build yourself with some wooden logs and the complete project details have been shared here diynetwork【Get Price】

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How to build stair railing. First build a level landing pad for the stair stringers. You don’t need to pour a footing. Just dig out and compact a minimum 4-in. thick gravel base then pour a concrete slab or lay paving stones. Lay out and cut the stringers. (See How to Build Deck Stairs for more information.) Make the bottom tread cut 1-1/2 in. shorter than the others. 【Get Price】

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2015-3-24 2015-3-24 Get the best of both outdoor worlds with these patio cover plans that show you how to build a roof that is half-closed and half-open. One end of this DIY patio cover uses a metal roof and the other end is semi-open with a pergola cover. Great for enjoying the sun on clear days and enjoying the outdoors on rainy days too.【Get Price】

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This railing was built by Neil in Winnipeg Canada. Neil's railing attaches to the sloped concrete edge using the Adjustable Angle Base Flange. This fitting allows the angle of the pipe handrail to be adjusted from 11 to 30 degrees. At the top of the railing the Standard Railing Flange is used to mount to the wall.【Get Price】

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2021-10-19 Building an outdoor cat enclosure is the perfect solution – your cat is safe from predators (or being the predator in some cases!) but they can still spend time outside in an enclosed environment. We’ve reviewed loads of these designs – also frequently referred to adorably as “catios”– and rounded up our top 10 DIY catios.【Get Price】

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2:21May 20 2016 Resource Links: Fences not only make your home more secure you can also add a stylish touch. Our beautiful and durable composite ... WPC Product Supplier【Get Price】

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2021-10-21 How to add a roof to your Catio. Now you could add fencing to the top if you wish connecting it the same way as the walls. I decided to add a plastic roof to mine so the cats could still enjoy being outside even if it’s raining.. I purchased 26″ x 6′ Corrugated Polycarbonate Plastic Roof Panels to make my roof. This is a thin clear plastic corrugated material.【Get Price】

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Building With PVC: This is a collection of examples of what you can build using PVC. From furnature and bookcases to toys PVC works.【Get Price】

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Jan 12 2010 The posts must be the same height at both top and at the bottom. Make sure they are vertical. Measure the distance between the tops of the stakes; it will be the length of the rail pipe. Subtract 2-inches from the length measurement to consider the … 【Get Price】

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222021-7-20 2021-7-20 Time needed: 20 minutes. The following steps are our DIY grow tent instructions for the PVC method. Assemble the Rack. Build a shelf using PVC pipes or assemble your ready-to-go shelving system. Your top shelf should be wide enough to place lights on yet high enough to leave space for your plants to grow.【Get Price】

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DIY $20 X Leg Wooden Garden Bench: Bring a unique style to any of your outdoor or patio by adding this super cool x-leg garden bench that is self-made one and is easy to build as a child’s play. Here this bench also comes with an edged berth that brings …【Get Price】