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Fasteners Screws Bolts Nuts Boat Stands Trailer Parts Brackets Bolts Rollers Lubricants Bearings Winches Jacks Tail Lights Tuff Coat is an attractive easy to apply non skid paint that provides optimal traction for your deck dock or pool deck!Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Screws - #10 Flat Head Powder Coated Stainless Screws - #8 Flat Head【Get Price】

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Incredibly strong 2 self-tapping pontoon deck screws with 5/8 Phillips head. Xylan coated steel deck screws can be used in any environment and will not corrode. These heavy duty fasteners are strong enough to drill through plywood and aluminum cross bars. (100) coated deck screws per kit.【Get Price】

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Jul 06 2007 2. and aluminum screws will break to easily... 3. boats come from the manufacturer with stainless deck screws mounting the deck to aluminum sub-structure. 4. electrical equipment manufactures building for Type 2 and above hazardous locations use stainless for their cabinets...for the longevity of the cabinet and so that any and all conduit ...Why would you not want to use stainless steel?Aluminum Screws would be you best best or aluminum Pop ribbitsstainless and aluminum are fine together. I was told by a mechanic that the only problem with stainless and aluminum is when used on a high stress...DE Lee thanks for some very valuable input. The stainless vs aluminum connections at stress-points is one I wouldn't have thought about.Dissimilar Metals: When two different metals are in contact in a corrosive environment one of the metals experiences accelerated galvanic corrosio...DE Lee so stainless steel and aluminum don't interact being dissimilar metals?Just be darn sure you DO NOT use galvanized or zinc plated fasterners. You will have a hole the size of the fastner head in no time. I've never had...When you drill a hole in aluminum the inside of the hole does not have a protective coating adding a stainless steel fastener will cause is what I know... They are two different types of metal...stainless is ferrous and aluminum non ferrous...and typically the two are compatable...Here's what I know based on 15 years as a Manufacturing Engineer in the Aerospace Industry and I can give you the technical data if required. In or...Redoing Floor In Boat!Nov 13 2014Question about carpeting decks and floorsJun 15 2010 【Get Price】