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Deep composite floor decks ComFlor 210 and ComFlor 225 are both designed to be used with Tata Steel Slimdek system or other integrated beam system with asymmetric beams that allow the floor deck to land on the bottom flange. With typical unpropped spans extending to 6 metres and propped spans to 9 metres the deep decks provide clear open space between beams. The deck is contained …【Get Price】

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For 90 years Vicwest has engineered and manufactured innovative metal roofing and wall systems designed to withstand North America's harshest climates.【Get Price】

STEEL DECK INSTITUTE SDI COSP - 2014 Code of Standard Practice

4.2.2 Composite Floor Deck and Non-Composite Floor Deck:Base bids shall include deck as shown in plan on the structural drawings and only those accessories specifically designated on the structural drawings and called for in the appropriate division of the specifications. No other deck or accessories shall be included unless specified. 4.2.3 Special Details:Any material required to support the ...【Get Price】


A. The Epicore MSR composite floor deck panels shall be cold-formed by the continuous roll forming process. 1. The Epicore MSR composite floor deck panels shall have continuous dovetail-shaped ribs spaced at 8˝ on center and formed to the following nominal dimensions: 2˝ depth【Get Price】

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Cordeck guarantees that our Cellular Floor Deck conforms to the Composite Steel Floor Deck Specifications of the Steel Deck Institute and the dimensional parameters established for the load table. Prime Painted. Cellular deck shall receive one coat of standard gray primer paint over cleaned and pretreated steel. The primer coat is intended to protect the steel for only a reasonably short ...【Get Price】


Composite deck 2 inch nominal depth 36 inch coverage 7 foot to 12 foot Optimal Span Range No Acustadek Option Least steel weight per square foot floor deck Meets SDI 2x12 inch standard profile requirements Reduced composite slab depth compared to 3WxH-36 and NH-32 Composite deck 2 inch nominal depth 36 inch coverage【Get Price】

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DESIGN EXAMPLE ON COMPOSITE STEEL DECK FLOOR SLABS by Thomas J. McCabe1 The enclosed example is presented to demonstrate the intent and use of the AISI Tentative Recommendations For The Design of Composite Steel Deck Slabs and hereafter will be referred to …【Get Price】

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Trex from the inside out. Trex pioneered the wood-alternative decking industry nearly 20 years ago and we continue to innovate best-in-class products for high-performance low-maintenance outdoor living. Plus building with Trex is as easy as wood yet leaves no painting staining splintering or rotting to worry about—ever.【Get Price】

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The Epicore MSR Composite Floor System is a high performance composite deck that is ideally suited for use with load-bearing metal stud walls. The Epicore MSR deck profile is flat across the bottom which creates a continuous uniform load on the metal stud bearing walls. The dovetail ribs closed flutes and pinched down ends block any sound ...【Get Price】

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• Care shall be exercised at all times to avoid damage to ComSlab composite floor system components during loading storing and erecting. Damaged decking must be replaced. • ComSlab deck panels are supplied in bundles of up to 30 sheets. Each bundle can weigh up to 2.5 tonnes (5500 lb). Individual decking elements can twist when lifted so【Get Price】

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UNIFIED FACILITIES GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS References are in agreement with UMRL dated July 2021 ... ANSI/SDI NC (2017) Standard for Non-Composite Steel Floor Deck ANSI/SDI QA/QC (2017) Standard for Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Installation of Steel Deck ANSI/SDI RD (2017) Standard for Steel Roof Deck SDI DDM04 (2015; Errata 1-3 2016; Add 1 2015; Add 2 20162006) …【Get Price】

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Standard Composite Deck. Standard composite deck has embossments in the vertical ribs that bond with the concrete topping. Once the concrete cures the resulting composite floor system provides superior strength stiffness and fire resistance. 1.5CD 1.5CDI Composite Deck.【Get Price】

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requirements for steel floor and roof decks including accessories. Adhere to UFC 1-300-02 Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) Format Standard when editing this guide specification or preparing new project specification sections. Edit this guide specification for project specific requirements by adding deleting or revising text.【Get Price】

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Composite deck gains its strength from the bond between concrete and steel. New Millennium engineers and manufactures a wide range of standard composite decks ideal for any project type. Available in multiple depths composite deck meets all required certifications and is manufactured in accordance with Steel Deck Institute specifications.【Get Price】

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Drawings and specifications for steel roof and floor deck applications including attachment patterns and accessories. Available in DWG and PDF formats.【Get Price】


COMPOSITE STEEL FLOOR DECK. Slabs should be designed as continuous spans with negative bending reinforcing over the supports; Additional reinforcing should be included to deter cracking caused by large temperature difference and to provide load distribution; and In areas where salt water; either ... 【Get Price】

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ArcelorMittal ConstructionArcelorMittal Construction Composite floor decking I Composite floor decking II 3 Our floor systems Our extensive range of floor systems meets all structural constraints for all types of buildings. The lightness of composite floors considerably reduces dimensions of the load bearing structure. Low in consumption of the materials used and fast to install they offer ...【Get Price】


A. The derivation of sectional properties of Super-Bond Composite Floor Decking shall conform to the AISI Specification for the Design of Cold Formed Steel Structural Members. B. The depth and gauge of deck shall be Super-Bond 150N 18 gauge unless otherwise noted chosen to accommodate a maximum design stress of 33 KSI under construction【Get Price】

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Jun 15 2010 Manufacturers of Composite Decking. Browse companies that make composite decking and view and download their free cad drawing revit BIM files specifications and other content relating to composite decking as well as other product information formated for the architectural community. Trex Company Incorporated Composite Decking: Accessory ...【Get Price】

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PreFace The Steel Deck Institute developed this Standard to determine the nominal resistance and composite stiffness of composite steel deck-slabs. This Standard is intended for use with cold-formed composite steel deck construction. acknowledgements This Standard relects the state-of-the-art pertaining to composite steel deck-slabs.【Get Price】

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Composite Steel Floor Decks • A composite form deck serves a dual function. It must safely support self weight the weight of the wet concrete and construction activity (rarely shored). After the concrete has reached the desired strength it is engaged with the steel deck so that they form a composite section to resist the loads applied to ...【Get Price】

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The 1.5 inch deck comes in a standard 36″ width (unlike the 2″ 3″ which come in a standard 24″ wide panel). The designer of most projects will specify what material type the floor deck should be for each particular job but the composite deck is sold primarily in the G-6o galvanized. The panels come in your standard 8′ 10′ 12 ...【Get Price】

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Jan 04 2016 Floor levelness and flatness are specified by F L and F F numbers respectively. The higher the number the flatter or more level the slab. For example an F L number of 20 and an F F number of 25 would be adequate for a carpeted office space but a warehouse with air-pallets would require a F L number of 35 and a F F number of 45.【Get Price】

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3 Composite Floor Deck. 1. Minimum exterior bearing length required is 1.5 inches. Minimum interior bearing length required is 3.0 inches.【Get Price】

Manual Of Steel Construction Allowable Stress Design

com 4 1 scope this specification pertains to composite steel floor deck composite steel floor deck is cold roof deck general information suggested specifications 1 material and design steel roof deck shall be united steel deck b f n j h or ls profiles as manufactured by cmc joist amp deck and shall be made from steel conforming to astm designations a1008 ss 40 50 or 80 for painted deck when ...【Get Price】


Composite deck 3 inch depth 32 inch coverage 10 foot to 15 foot Optimal Span Range No Acustadek Options Longest unshored spans Excellent alternate to SDI DR (deep rib) profile Lower composite deck-slab weight than 3WxH-36 for the specified concrete thickness 8 inch on …【Get Price】

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Structural Products Composite Floor Deck ผลิตภัณฑ์โครงสร้างเหล็ก ระบบแผ่นพื้นเหล็ก ...【Get Price】

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CAD Details Acoustic Reports Misc Specifications Doc’s; Westok Cellular Floor Beams; News The world’s finest composite steel floor decks ComFlor The new generation in composite steel floor decking systems joins Steel Tube New Zealand's leading distributor of steel and stainless steel products and services - bringing the world of steel-framed construction closer to you. Together we ...【Get Price】

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Cordeck Composite Floor Deck conforms to all applicable SDI Composite Deck Manual specifications. Cordeck steel deck shall be installed by qualified and experienced workers. Deck installation drawings shall be submitted to the project architect and engineer for approval prior to the manufacture of materials. 【Get Price】

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Adding a deck to your home can produce a substantial return on your initial investment. With composite decking you are ensuring that your deck is beautiful for years with less maintenance. Composite decking can be a true low maintenance solution to your outdoor living space by providing a beautiful sanctuary for you and your family.【Get Price】