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AdvanTech subflooring is not designed for permanent exterior applications such as screened-in porches exterior decks/porches/patios/open walkways boats and boat docks open bed trailers scaffolding exterior wood siding furring strips animal shelters …【Get Price】

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May 07 2017 AdvanTech is not rated for exterior open porch application with permant exposure to the elements. It was designed for greater stability as a sub-floor or underlayment to finished floor. Moisture resistance is the claim to fame.【Get Price】

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Sep 09 2006 NEVER use subfloor on a porch. Those deck boards will get wetted and they need to dry both ways. IP` can span 24 OC I'm sure 5/4 Mohagany can handle 18 What puzzles me is the view into your basement. The deck is not a roof. To cover something like this roofing a living space the whole design and procedure is 100% wrong. advantech advantechAdvantech flooring pt II: fastenersOct 29 2005Enclosing a porch … floor questionSep 29 2004Flooring in an unheated porchNov 12 2003T G porch flooringJul 20 2003 【Get Price】

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Thank you for contacting us regarding using AdvanTech on a screened porch. Unfortunately this is not an approved application. AdvanTech is an Exposure 1 product which means it cannot be exposed permanently as this would be. You should look for a product that is Exterior rated for this application. Thank you Walker Campbell Director Customer Satisfaction【Get Price】

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Recommended adhesives structurally bond the panel to the joist for a stronger stiffer installation than panels installed with fasteners alone. Panels should span two or more floor joists with the long dimension perpendicular to the floor framing. Apply a 1/4-inch bead of adhesive to the top of the floor joists.【Get Price】

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11:06Sep 04 2020 How to install advantech subfloor is what this video will explain. How to install subfloor is essential to know while building your own subfloor. Advantech b... The Excellent Laborer【Get Price】

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Occasionally builders will coat subfloor panels to ease in cleanup and offer some amount of protection during construction. The surface of AdvanTech flooring is an excellent substrate for a variety of coatings including oil based primer/paint combination polyurethanes and epoxy coatings. AdvanTech panels are marked with an Exposure 1【Get Price】

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rated panel is required. AdvanTech® ZIP System and Huber Blue TM branded wood structural panels have an Exposure 1 bond classification as defined under the Voluntary Product Standard PS 2-10 Performance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels. Exposure 1 panels are intended to resist the effects of moisture due to【Get Price】

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use advantech subfloor on screened porch search for: use advantech subfloor on screened porch lightweight waterproof decking nylosheet composite sheets lightweight boat panels - nyloboard lightweight and easy to handle nylosheet is impervious to water mold the sheet is moisture resistant and does not require waterproofing or vapor barriers.【Get Price】