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Easy to Install. Available in either un-drilled or pre-drilled form Safe Tread Decking Strips are screwed in place and are easily installed by anyone with a screwdriver. 1. Supplied un-drilled or pre-drilled with FREE rust-proof zinc yellow stainless steel or black screws. 【Get Price】

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01/05/2018 There are a few options: 1. Treat the decking with a 'non-slip' finish some info here: https:// /blog/how-to-make-decking-non-slip/. 2. Add 'non-slip' GRP strips some info here:…【Get Price】

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Anti-Slip Decking – Your OptionsHow to Make Your Already Installed Deck Non-SlipNeed Help with Upgrading Or Repairing Your Deck?TakeawaysBefore we delve into how to make your existing deck non-slip we better first explore what’s out there as an option if you’ve never had a deck before and are thinking of installing one sometime soon. Or if your old decking is too damaged and beyond repair and you wish to replace it with a modern and safer wooden or composite structure just check out the list of options below: Well but what can you do to make your already fitted and long-serving decking safer if it doesn’t boast all the above slip-resistant fe…【Get Price】

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Non-Slip Decking – What Causes The Problem?Creating Non-Slip DeckingMaintaining Non-Slip Deckingin ConclusionThe best way to keep your decking area non-slip is to keep it clean. During the summer months take time once a week to sweep the deck with a stiff brush to get rid of any loose dust and debris. This keeps your garden decking looking smart and also removes any flora that might be trying to colonise the wooden planks. Moss and algae thrive in a low pH environment and by elevating the pH you will kill off any existing plants and also discourage any windborne spores from germinating. To do this make-up a solut…【Get Price】

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26/03/2015 Apply one coat of anti-slip decking oil following the instructions on the pack as well as checking those we’ve provided on our product page; Clean your brushes and other equipment with white spirit straight away; The drying time for Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil is 10-12 hours under normal weather conditions longer if it’s cool or humid. 【Get Price】

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Making your decking safe is simple quick cheap | Our anti-slip decking panels are tough strong and provide incredibly grip in wet damp conditions. The ... The ...【Get Price】