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Decking paint products provide a great alternative to traditional decking treatments such as decking oils and decking stains. Whereas decking oils and stains are all about retaining the natural appearance of the wood grain deck paints are designed to give a modern alternative look with a striking opaque finish. 【Get Price】

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11/05/2021 Fence paint on decking isn’t suitable for the wooden deck. Secondly fence paint is specifically for wood surfaces with no foot traffic. Since it wears off quickly using fence paint on decking will stain your shoes whenever you walk on it. Thirdly fence paint has a very thin coating.【Get Price】

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30/06/2020 The main difference between deck stain vs deck paint is the thickness of the covering. Deck paint creates a thick layer over the wood surface. As a result there is a higher risk of the paint peeling since it is common for wood to swell and expand due to weather conditions. Additionally paint can be a problem if the water puddles on the wood. 【Get Price】

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Differences. The primary difference between deck paint and house paint is the quality it possesses relating to the surface you use it on. Deck paint is formulated to avoid chipping and wearing. Wood deck paint is able to expand and contract with seasonal temperature and moisture changes.【Get Price】

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But What About Cuprinol Paint?The Best Paint to Use on DeckingShould You Match Match Your Deck to Your Fence?Final ThoughtsCuprinol Garden Shades is a brand of water-based fence paint coming out of the United Kingdom. While you canactually use Cuprinol paint to color your decking it’s definitely not the best option. As I said above Cuprinol is a water-based paint and has a very runny consistency as a result. This means that the coating will be very thin and multiple coats will needto be applied before true protection is reached. Because of this you’ll have to purchase a large amount (especially if your deck is particularly large!). You can also e…【Get Price】

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19/07/2021 Can you use fence paint on decking? The straightforward answer is – you better not. The drive to use what’s available in your shed and save money is understandable. However there is one certain property of the decking products available on market you wouldn’t want to disregard – their resistance to foot traffic.【Get Price】

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03/09/2019 Can ordinary fence paint be used to paint wooden decking in the garden!?? I ask this because i have been looking at decking paint and it is about twice as expensive for a tub than ordinary fence paint which is also twice the size!!! Thanks benji_willy 28 …【Get Price】

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28/05/2012 No fence paint does not have as much wax in it and it wont last very long before you have to paint it again. As decking has a lot of foot traffic as obviously a fence does not.【Get Price】

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14/04/2008 Please can someone tell me the difference between decking stain and fence stain as they seem on the face of it to be a similar product but the deck stain seems to be 2 or 3 times the price??? Thanks . 0. Replies. 14 April 2008 at 8:58AM. adandem Forumite.【Get Price】