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Moore Concrete have been involved in numerous civil engineering projects working in conjunction with key contractors to manufacture bespoke precast concrete units. This experience has led to Moore Concrete building a high level of expertise in manufacturing units for coastal road rail construction and architectural schemes. Read More【Get Price】

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Risk Assessment Network Rail Page Revision No. 8 1 of 9 ... who must in turn inform the Director for Health and Safety or the Health and ... headwalls bridges etc) ...【Get Price】

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NSW Small Box Culverts Small Box Culverts designed for 300-1200mm spans. Made from heavy-duty (50MPa) precast concrete our Small Box Culverts are designed and manufactured to …【Get Price】

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4. If we extend the guide rail – is there another obstruction we could be shielding? 5. Are there any obstructions that are in the guide rail system's deflection zone? 6. Are we terminating the guide rail within 200 feet of the start of another guide rail string? 7. Are we terminating the guide rail string within 200 feet of a cut slope? 8.【Get Price】

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In the next few years hospital leaders will be involved in new hospital construction projects to meet the changing marketplace demands associated with the growing demand of an aging population. Many clinicians architects and hospital administrators believe that the hospital built environment can benefit the satisfaction of health care providers as well as patient satisfaction and outcomes.【Get Price】

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Headwalls often also serve as a more suitable attachment for safety fencing and handrails. Shay Murtagh Precast can include mammal ledges where required within the manufacturing process for culverts. The flexibility in our design and manufacturing process allows us to comfortably accommodate almost any additional concrete components or required provision of openings within the standard …【Get Price】

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Humes excels at developing innovative project-specific solutions to create maximum value for our customers. From concrete pipes to prestressed concrete girders and everything in between Humes precast concrete products are a vital part of Australian infrastructure.【Get Price】

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Recent crash testing [see NCHRP Project 22-14(3)] under the AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) has shown that there may be a difference in performance between steel post systems and wood post systems especially when the top of the rail is less than 27 inches high.【Get Price】

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Give consideration to projecting culvert barrel cast-in-place concrete headwalls pre-cast end sections mitered culvert ends : Standard Specifications for Construction and Maintenance of Highways Streets and Bridges. Item 460 – Corrugated Metal Pipe; Item 462 – Concrete Box Culverts and Drains; Item 464 – Reinforced Concrete Pipe【Get Price】