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Jan 20 2012 Once all of the joists are replaced remove the mid-span beam. If you CAN'T raise the deck level 2 you'll have to lower the outer beam 2 to compensate for the use of the 2X10 joists. Another concern is the existing joist hangers. With 2X8 joists LU26's …【Get Price】

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Jul 26 2019 So keep in mind that some additional framing may be necessary if you decide to upgrade your existing pressure treated wood (PT) deck with a high-quality composite material. Any small investment in additional framing material will be well worth the increased stability you’ll experience for the lifetime of the deck. The good news for ...【Get Price】

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03-04-2020 How to Install a Wood Deck Post. The quickest and most secure way to mount a wooden 4x4 or 6x6 deck post to an existing deck surface is via an OZCO Post Base Kit or a Titan Post Anchor. Both of these items provide a solid powder-coated steel connection point for your wooden post to attach to surface below.【Get Price】

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Run your regular joists typically 2-by-6s atop the beam so their ends touch the top of the existing deck platform creating a step-up new platform. Add an end joist to each end of the new joists.【Get Price】

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23-10-2021 On average most composite decking material weighs twice as much as standard types of common decking materials including pressure-treated pine. While this does not prevent you from being able to lay composite decking over an existing pressure-treated frame it does mean that you will need to make some adjustments to compensate for the added weight.【Get Price】

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When it comes to deck joist spacing and installation having a structurally sound foundation is critical. BEFORE YOU BEGIN make sure your new or existing framing is structurally sound. Lock down other important considerations like deck size railing and more.【Get Price】

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Hello I want to tile the floor of this 6.5'x9.5' bathroom. This was an add on in the 30's or 40's. The problem is that the 2x8 joists are 21 OC and not adequate to to support stone tile installation. I have added pictures of the crawl space to illustrate the current conditions. This add on ha...【Get Price】

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Is your wooden decking in need of a modern refurb? A frequent query we often get asked is whether or not you can install composite decking directly onto an existing timber decking area.. The short answer is no and in this article we explain the hazards of going down that route and offer tips on how best to combat the effects of moisture build-up within your deck.【Get Price】

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The solution: Floor joists for a deck are typically installed at 16 in. on-center which won’t properly support some composite-decking products when installed on an angle. In new construction be sure floor joists are installed at the correct spacing. In existing decks adding more floor …【Get Price】

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Hurricane ties are used to create a positive joist-to-beam connection. It may be necessary to install new posts and footings below the existing deck beam to support the additional loads. Most people that add onto their decks also replace the decking and railings on the existing deck at the same time. 【Get Price】

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Joist hangers are galvanized metal brackets that are affixed to the ledger boards and rim joists of decks. The joists are supported by the hangers which are themselves fastened to the ledger boards. You can use either specialized galvanized bracket screws made specifically for joist hangers or simply use 8d or 10d nails as indicated by the bracket manufacturer.【Get Price】

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10-07-2019 Re: Adding Joists to an Existing Deck. Adding joists will go a whole lot easier with the decking removed. Crown the lumber so that the bow goes up. The new joists may need to be notched slightly or the hangers installed a bit lower to account for …【Get Price】

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Aug 19 2009 Secure the joist by replacing all fasteners and hangers. Remove the Decking. If there is insufficient room to replace the joist from below you will have to remove the decking to access the joist from above. Decking typically comes as 5/4 x 6-inch boards that run perpendicular to the joists.【Get Price】

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Composite construction is considerably stiffer and stronger than many other floor systems so the weight and size of the primary structure can be reduced. Consequently foundation sizes can also be reduced. Saving in transport Decking is light and is delivered in pre-cut …【Get Price】

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Creating OpeningsGeneral Design InformationStructural ConsiderationsSummaryThere are two main methods to create small and medium openings in composite floor decks: core-drilling holes and sleeving or boxing-out openings. Concrete core drilling involves drilling rounded holes in concrete walls or floors (Figure 1). Diamond concrete-core drills are the most commonly used tools for this process. The core drill bit tends to consist of a steel tube with a matrix impregnated with diamond segments welded to the drilling end. The concrete coring bit is mounted on a rotating shaft of a concret…【Get Price】

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Connect joist hangers the same width as your rafters to the ledger board. Slot the rafters into the joist hanger and let it overhang the crossbeam in between the two support beams. Use 18-gauge hurricane ties and 8d common nails or 9 x 1-1/2 in lag screws to connect the rafters to …【Get Price】

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I can't find any information even information on the Strong Tie website that states NOT to install on composite decking. It would be so much less of a pain to use these. They are held down with a carriage bolt and 4 16D joist hanger nails and they are attached to the post itself by 3 16D joist hanger …【Get Price】