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Old wooden floor of the sailing boat with scratches cracks Original old wooden floor of the sailing boat. Boards are arranged horizontally. Natural scratches and cracks visible. boat deck stock pictures royalty-free photos images【Get Price】

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08/01/2013 Prior to the voyage a friend warned me: “A wood boat is nothing but a collection of leaks loosely organized as a hull.” Nothing in my experience proved him wrong. Plank-on-frame boats also often have deck leaks. The problem here is that wood in the deck is constantly swelling and shrinking as it gets wet and dries out. norway norway【Get Price】

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Wooden Boat Decks. The decks of wooden boats do much more than provide a platform for the crew. They are an integral part of the structure and the type of covering used will affect how the loading is transferred through the beams. The covering also needs to be watertight to prevent rain water seepage which cold cause underlying structures to rot. norway norway【Get Price】

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Boats for Sale in Norway Norway has some of the most breathtaking cruising area’s in the world .Norway is a country of fjords narrow elongated passages in the sea that were shaped by giant glacier tongues slicing the Norwegian landscape over millions of years.【Get Price】

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Risør has a rich history as one of the largest seafaring towns in Norway for sailing ships. Visit the coastal culture centre to learn more about the fascinating history learn how boats are being built and visit the town's annual wooden boat festival Trebåtfestivalen. …【Get Price】