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2012. 5. 16. The trim patterns became greatly simplified and more geometric with fewer rounded designs. Baseboards and casings were often finished natural or stained and varnished to reveal the natural wood’s color. Moderne (1930-1959) – The modern age …【Get Price】

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2020. 8. 18. Whether wood or tiling Victorian-era flooring was often based on patterns found in Medieval cathedrals and churches. Colored tiles and even colored wood was popular for the era and even the most...【Get Price】

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2016. 12. 5. Before S.C. Johnson and Son Inc. became a global corporate juggernaut it was a wood parquet tile business.【Get Price】

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platta floor decking type of wood. Outdoor flooring - IKEA RUNNEN floor decking outdoor dark gray Length: 11 3/4 Width. New PLATTA outdoor decking is made from strips of acacia wood in …【Get Price】

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Floor Restoration of an 1895 Queen Anne. April 5 2019. This will serve as part 2 of the restoration of the floors in the Widows Walk. For those of you just joining us this home was built in 1895 in the Los Angeles Harbor for the Crocker family. You can read a little history about The Prominent Figure That Had The Widows … 【Get Price】

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2013. 11. 21. To give a cost estimate we paid around £200 to do the first pass only of two rooms. We then paid around £300 for the two sanders plus approximately £20 in sandpaper per room to finish these rooms (two more coats) do a third room and then the entire three storey staircase.【Get Price】

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The name Haapio refers to an ancient boat type carved from a single wood log. Its material roots and ambiguous character refers to Finnish identity and cultural heritage. Haapio shifts from the stone castles of the old National Museum to folklore and wood.【Get Price】

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Historic Wood House Construction in WisconsinWood Framing TechniquesLumber Use from 1850 to 1960Changes in Lumber SizesHistoric Masonry ConstructionHistoric wood houses in Wisconsin were constructed with one of these three techniques: 1. Log construction. Early Wisconsin pioneers built log houses using trees from the surrounding land. The round and sometimes squared logs were laid horizontally. The logs were then connected at the corners with various notching techniques. Gaps between the logs were filled with different combinations of mud clay and straw called daubing. In most cases owners installed wood siding over the logs within the first few …【Get Price】

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Widespread popular use of shorter-length thin-width 3/4 thick wood strip flooring began in the U.S. in the 1980's as the price of solid wood flooring and wood in general increased rapidly. Often sold in composite sections (multiple lengths or even widths pre-glued together and usually pre-finished (see below) this flooring material can be as beautiful as its older longer-length sister. 【Get Price】

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2020. 6. 23. As you can see from the cover of this 1895 catalog from The Interior Hardwood Company of Indianapolis Indiana these upper-class flooring patterns …4【Get Price】